The Wolf of Wall Street ***

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I actually liked Marty’s three hour long Leo-fest better than I thought I would. For being as long as it is, it doesn’t seem drag as much as some of this other films. But make no mistake, there is absolutely no good reason for this white collar crime story be any longer than two hours. Apparently he made a four hour director’s cut. C’mon Marty, who wants to sit in a theater for that long or even be exposed this asshole’s life for that long either?

Scorsese tries to recapture that Goodfella’s magic with another voice-over driven biography of a crook. But where we felt like we knew Ray Liotta’s Henry Hill due to seeing him go from a child admirer of gangsters to actually becoming one, all we feel for DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort is contempt and maybe some envy. We see him knowingly rip people off in nearly every scene – and if he’s not scamming, he’s doing blow and banging impossibly hot women. Believe or not though this can be pretty entertaining. I was reading about Belfort’s life on Wikipedia and wondered why Scorsese left some interesting things out of his early life that would have made for a better character and story. Henry Hill was sympathetic even though he was a fuck up, not so with Belfort.

Fat ass Jonah Hill comes in as the Joe Pesci and needless to say he’s no Joe Pesci. His acting is ok, if a bit overboard (definitely not Oscar worthy), but the man is just unpleasant to look at and listen to. They also give him bright white caps on his teeth which makes him even more obnoxious. Apparently Hill worked for scale just to be near Scorsese. So Leo made a nice $10 mil off the flick and Hill made around $60k. Probably not a bad move for him though. I’m amazed he’s not on a sitcom by now.

Shooting on both film and video seems to have hurt the overall look. There is a very obvious and unnatural DI done to the footage, making it look like a grainy ’80s movie. Leo’s performance is also not even close to being Oscar worthy as Matthew McConaughey’s only scene made we wish he was the star. Leo seems fine when he’s playing “the kid,” but as a man, as a leader of men, I don’t buy it. He’s still got that weird kid face of a child star.

While it won’t knock you socks off, and it’s way too long, WoWS is worth a viewing.

3 Midget Tosses Outta 5

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