Acrylamide in Food

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One of the main reasons I quit drinking coffee wasn’t because caffiene is a neurotoxin but because of acrylamide levels. Acrylamide is a chemical compound that is used widely in industry. What wasn’t discovered until 2002 is that it is present in high levels in common processed foods. In the human body acrylamide causes DNA damage which means that it is classified as a carcinogen. The worst offerders are starchy plant products cooked in hot oil or at high temperature. That would include french fries and potato chips. These two items should not be eaten. Coffee beans, which are roasted, also contain the chemical but in lower doses than in fried foods. Even common processed cereals like Cheerios contain it.

Here is the FDA list of confirmed acrylamide levels in foods.

Don’t fall for the lies propagated by food industry funded organisations like The Center for Accountability in Science. They want you keep eating this crap. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies want you to get sick. They want you to develop cancer. There is too much money involved for them not to.