How I Rate Movies

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I rate all of the films, books, and other media on this website with a 5 star system. I do not use half stars because that would make it a 10 star system.

5 stars – The best of the best. A classic of high artistic value.

4 stars – Well worth your time. A high quality work with only one or two mediocre elements that keep it from being 5 stars.

3 stars – A work that had potential to be great, but featured at least two distracting or blatant errors. There is still something here that’s worth your time.

2 stars – Less than mediocre. Something went terribly wrong here. It’s bad, but won’t make you want to kill yourself, unlike…

1 star – Gutter art. So bad you will be upset that the creators wasted your time and money. But still not quite as bad as…

0 stars – The worst of the worst. “Art” so bad that it’s a crime against humanity. Devoid of all integrity, intelligence, and creativity these works must be avoided at all costs.